Ever since I saw a light table at Talia’s nursery, I’ve always wanted one for her at home, but honestly could not justify paying 1000+dhs for it. While I certainly understand why it may cost that much and understand the immense benefits, 1000dhs is simply just out of budget!

Two years ago, we gifted Talia a Magnatiles set which she’s loved playing with ever since, however, I always felt adding a light table would extend her play by a long shot!

SO.. at a crossroads I decided we’d make her one!


Aside from just extending her Magnatiles play, light tables offer such huge benefits, such as sensory play, hand-eye coordination and colour exploration!

Heres how we put ours together for less than 100dhs!


We already had the IKEA Flisat Children’s table and two storage containers already!

So we headed to ACE Hardware in search for an Acrylic Sheet and found one as close as possible in size to a single panel of the table (the sheet was: 18in x 24in). We decided to keep the other side of the table as is, for storage for her tiles and loose parts while she’s at play!)

Unfortunately ACE would not cut the sheet for us, for but it wasn’t a problem as we had a heavy duty construction knife at home, and used it to trim it down to size!

Acrylic Sheet for ACE (20dhs) [Size Comparison]

Once cut to size, we needed to spray the sheet as it was too transparent to use as is. We picked up this frost spray for 35 dhs to use and applied two coats! (Just make sure to spray outside! Took less than 5 minutes to apply, and 2 minutes to dry!)

Frosted Glass Spray (Ace Hardware: 35 dhs)

Finding the right lights to use was definitely the most challenging part of this project! We initially picked up battery operated deco lights from IKEA for 4dhs, however, they were far too dull and “yellow” to use. After some research, we knew we had to look for LED strip lights. However, finding battery operated LED strip lights proved to have its difficulties. We finally settled for LED strip lights from ACE (30dhs), and ended up drilling a small hole through the IKEA trofast container to connect the strip lights into a socket!

LED Lights

We used double sided tape to hold down the strip lights in place.

Small Hole Drilled to the Side to Accommodate the Plug Featured

Once that was done and the hole was drilled, it was just a matter of putting it all together!

We couldn’t wait for Talia to see and have a go!

The Magic of a Light Table
Talia at work on the Light Table


IKEA Flisat Table 245 dhs

Trofast Tub 10 dhs

LED Lights 30 dhs (Linking similar one here)

Acrylic Sheet (18in x 24in) 30 dhs (Linking larger similar one here)

Frost Spray 35 dhs (Linking the same spray from Carrefour here)

Magnatiles Set (Linking one here)

TOTAL: 350 dhs

If you already have the IKEA Flisat table, this project would cost you: 96dhs!!!

We honestly had so much fun creating our own light table, and this one doubles as a sensory table and storage table as well! We definitely saved by putting it together ourselves and could not be happier with the way it turned out!

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